Captcha broken

Hmmm, someone just told me that my captcha system hasn’t been working… I wondered why it was so quiet around here! (Although I did enjoy the lack of spam comments!)

I’ve disabled the captcha system while I’m researching alternatives. I hate to use those things, but I get so much spam I have no choice. Can anyone recommend a decent simple WordPress plug-in? Something that isn’t too intrusive would be good! Thanks!

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I’ve used Spam Karma 2 on a few sites and no spam has gotten through. Ever. Even on a site that was receiving thousands of spam comments a day. No captcha!

Although the reCAPTCHA plugin above sounds interesting for digitizing books!

Cool, just installed wp-spamfree – would rather avoid a captcha system for now, and although I admire the efforts of recaptcha, I find their text pretty much illegible… 🙂

Let me know if there are still problems commenting and thanks for your help guys!


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