Big in Japan

I’m noticing a lot of links coming from Japan lately, they seem to be particularly taken with my Papervision reflections…


But this one particularly caught my eye – this nice chap (or chapess) has made a pretty 3D butterfly, along with its reflection… nice!

And even nicer, they’ve included source.

Have you made something nice with a reflection? Why not send it through? sebleedelisle at gmail dot com.

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hey Seb, i have a little bug with the reflectionView that i just cant seem to work around. i took the source code of the butterfly example and i tried to change the earth plane material. every material i tried except the wireframeMaterial made the reflection disappear. i even tried using two planes – one with wireframe and one with bitmapcolor but this attempt failed as well. is there a way around this?


This is because you can not see through the plane you are setting and the reflections are behind it.

Set the material transparency to 0.5 and should be ok


hey Peter.
sorry for the nob question… but how do i set my material transparent? –> i am using a bitmapColorMaterial like so:
icePlaneMat = new BitmapColorMaterial(0xffffff, .5);
// i have a yelloe background behind the plane. but strangely enough i am getting a fully opaque grey plane instead of white.

ok i found a bug… appearantly the reflection view doesn’t work on bitmapColorMaterial – but it does work on BitmapMaterial like so:
iceBMmat = new BitmapMaterial(new BitmapData(10, 10, true, 0x88FFFFFF), false);
// this should be checked for other types of materials

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