Where did my camera go?

Some of you may have noticed that the FreeCamera3D and FrustumCamera3D classes have mysteriously disappeared from the latest version of the GreatWhite alpha test Papervision trunk.

But don’t panic! There’s a perfectly logical explanation for it!

Tim Knip has been working tirelessly to simplify and refactor the Papervision3D cameras. And what an improvement!

There is now only one camera.

By default it’s the same as the old FreeCamera3D.

If you want it to always point at an object (like the old Camera3D), just set it’s target property with a DisplayObject3D.

If you want it to be like the old FrustumCamera3D set its frustumCulling property to true. (Always recommended, in fact we may make this true by default).

Now you can adjust the field of view using the old zoom / focus values, or if you prefer something more intuitive you can use the fov property, which is the vertical field of view (I think this is in degrees).

Nice work Tim!

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Thanks for the heads-up Seb. I haven’t updated my classes yet, but does this mean where I have used the FrustrumCamera3D I now have to replace instances with FreeCamera3D?
Cheers 🙂

Hi Beechy,

Just replace FrustumCamera3D with Camera3D, and set the frustumCulling property to true. You may see a difference in the field of view (zoom) but the benefit is now you can adjust this using the camera’s fov property or the zoom/focus properties.



thanks for this info, seb! i just read john lindquist’s papervision getting started tutorial on insideRIA, and would have been a bit confused had i not already seen this blog post 🙂

Hey Seb,

I haven’t been able to thank you online, but I attended both of your workshops at Flashbelt. And you are the reason I’m kickin’ butt with PV3D now. Thanks for making it so easy to understand.

I just had one question, do you know if Tim or anyone is planning on adding back Hover? I follow Andy’s work too, and he always was using that. Just wondering.


Hi Seantron, really glad my FlashBelt session got you going 🙂

To be honest, I’m not sure about hover, I vaguely recall Tim saying that he wanted to re-instate it, but I never even used it and don’t actually know what it does! lol 🙂



I actually already reinstated the code, if you guys want it. It’s just an experimental way of orbiting.

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