New Papervision cylinder primitive and destroy methods

Here are a couple of minor but very useful updates contributed by the Papervision user community.

The first is from Paul Neave; thanks to him we now have a new cylinder primitive. He’s added two parameters to the constructor that specify whether you have a top and bottom face, in other words, you can now make tubes!

This is pretty backwards compatible, but note that if you’ve been using the initObject parameter to adjust properties, you’ll get an error as this parameter has now been shifted back a couple of spaces. 🙂

public function Cylinder( material:MaterialObject3D=null,
                              initObject:Object=null );

And also thanks to fellow Brightonian Jonathan Pace from Unwrong, who’s implemented destroy functions in :


This is a fantastic example of the user community making a real contribution to this open source project, and a real testament to the quality and enthusiasm of our user base. So I can’t thank you enough guys!

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That’s awesome to see (speaking about the cylinder tube). I’m going to have to look at the code to see if it could make my version of the tube a bit better. A short while ago, I also made a tube primitive out of the cylinder class. However, I went to it with the mindset of the material list in the cube, rather than just turning planes on or off. For example, if you had a panorama, you can make the top and bottom ColorMaterials of different colors for sky and ground, or you could make one a movie clip. Otherwise, if you don’t want a top or a bottom you could make the ColorMaterial transparent. That part could definitely be improved(maybe with this new cylinder class).

Anyways, thanks to these two guys and the papervision3D developer team for all their contributions…

@Tim really glad this could be useful for you… let me know if you get to use it!

@xero yeah it’s great that Jon managed to sort these out for us. What a great community we have 🙂


How exactly do we use the new cylindrical object and destroy methods? Don’t we need class files or something new to update the Papervision architecture?


Hi Jason,

sorry I should have mentioned, these changes have been committed to the Great White and Effects branches of Papervision3d.



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