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Arduino workshop at FlashCoders New York on Wednesday

I’m flying with fellow Plug-in Media colleagues Juliet and Sarah to New York on Tuesday to meet with clients that I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about… but we’re producing some cool Flash 3D for a massive US sports … There’s more

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Arduino particles!

My good friend and FlashBrighton veteran Jo Summers has been enthusing at me for some time about the Arduino boards. And I just knew that as soon as I started playing with one, I would get obsessed, so I’ve been … There’s more

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Papervision Perspective Line material

Good news! I’ve integrated my new 3D line drawing algorithm into a Papervision LineMaterial class! Bad news! It probably won’t work for very long… the reason? Well Papervision is going through an exciting transformation that I’m not sure I can … There’s more

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Drawing 3D perspective lines in Flash

I love the Line3D in papervision, but wouldn’t it be great if it actually got larger as it came towards you? Currently the lines are just drawn using the Flash drawing API, and the line’s thickness is the same no … There’s more

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Particle tutorial now on

After the Computer Arts article last month, you can now see my full particle presentation over on [sorry, no longer available]. It’s a screen-cast of my presentation at Flashforward in Boston last September. So if you want to know … There’s more

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