Seb Lee-Delisle


What an amazing 2007!

Let’s face it, 2007 was pretty spectacular, in fact it was SO spectacular that it’s taken me most of January to write it all down… We flew straight into ’07 with a massive 9 level platform game, called Extreme Pamplona. … There’s more

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Seamlessly looping video in Flash

How insane is it that there’s no way to seamlessly loop video in Flash? Very insane! That’s how!!! Here’s my requirement : I have a lot of prerendered 3D animations that need to loop. Spinning objects and stuff. So I’ve … There’s more

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Meet the new Papervision3D team member – me!

Wow what an honour to be asked to join the development team for probably the most exciting open-source project in the history of Flash! I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing yet, I’ve been speaking to Carlos, Ralph and … There’s more

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