Flash snow in 15 minutes!

At FlashBrighton’s Big Day Out a couple of weeks ago, I set myself the somewhat crazy challenge of programming a dynamically generated snowstorm in fifteen minutes from scratch. No pre-written classes, no graphics, nothing! Which was really good fun! If a little scary.

So when Kristin Henry, from GalaxyGoo recently asked if I’d be interested in posting a nice Flash experiment for their Flash-a-thon project, I was more than happy to help! So you can now find the source code for my 15 minute snow there. With added comments. 🙂

[kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/manual/2007/snowstorm.swf” width=”440″ height=”295″ FVERSION=”9″ QUALITY=”high” /]

Read the full post and download source on the GalaxyGoo Flash-a-thon page.

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Huh. So I used this snow in a couple of simple flash pieces last year and it worked PERFECTLY. Then this year when I went to edit the text in the pieces a bit and when I published.. I received 6 Compiler Errors and the snow didn’t work! And strange enough, the errors didn’t display any text to tell me what each error was. I haven’t changed anything that I can think of, and the file is in the folder I’m publishing to.

Any ideas!??? Am I missing something? I know the piece is three years old now, but it’s all in AS3 and I’m using the saaaaaame version of Flash I built the original in. I’m goin’ nuts over here! 🙂

Hi Michael, this is indeed very strange, I just downloaded it and ran it and it worked fine! The last time something really weird like this happened I checked the time stamp on the as files – they were set to be in the future! I would check that. Other than that, I’m stumped, but be sure that it at least still works on my set up (OSX tested with CS4 and CS5).

I’d love to see where this snow has been used! Please send me links 🙂


Gorgeous effect, I’m hoping to use it in an e-card this year. Will send you the link once it’s up!

I’m new to AS3 so please be kind… I wanted to ask if you if this could be confined to a circle shape (yup, for a snow globe!)? My attempts at replacing the screenarea rectangle have failed dismally so far but I am not ready to give up.

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