AS3 Particles – 1000% extra free!

Bit of a last minute one this! But here are the source files for my AS3 particles session at FlashForward. As ever, please bring your laptops - this is an interactive session! Check out the submissions from last year's session. [no longer available, sorry]

One of the most fun parts of this particle session is that the whole audience gets involved screwing around with the code to make your own amazing creations!

Download the source files here and email your contributions to me. We'll be reviewing your work at the end of the session.

So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Hey Seb. Great session. Thanks for the particle engine as well. I’ve been playing with it constantly and am really excited about the possibilities. Thanks again.

  2. Seb,

    Thanks for a great presentation and thanks so much for giving away your source code. I was having trouble getting my isight to turn on after clicking the “allow” option that Flash displays when launching the SWF. I finally figured out that I needed to change the camera settings to the USB camera option. (For anyone reading this who is having the same problem, you can change the Flash player camera settings by right-clicking the SWF in your browser, then going to Settings, clicking the camera icon, and selecting the USB camera option from the drop-down.) I can’t wait to show off some of your particle effects files to my coworkers when they ask about the conference at our staff meeting tomorrow.

  3. Really enjoyed your presentation Seb, thanks for the incredible work and inspiration! Certainly one of the better shows I attended at this years Flash Forward.

  4. Some very coold things going on in your company. Love the website. The presentation was very good too. You showed some techniques that I’ve never seen before. I was very impresseed by the camera effect that used your particle effect in conjunction with live video. Never seen that before!

    Thanks for presenting and for sharing your code!

  5. Hi Seb. I was at the conference in Boston. Loved it! Having trouble downloading the source files though. Any chance you could check and repost? Many thanks.

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  8. Thanks so much everyone for your extremely kind comments. I had an amazing time at FlashForward and really enjoyed my session, thanks entirely to an incredibly warm crowd. That’s you lot! 🙂

    I’ll post a follow up as soon as I get a spare minute!



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  10. Hi i saw these videos somewhere and was searching for source files. Thank you very much for sharing here 🙂

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing the source, I downloaded it and will be checking it out tomorrow. I love the after effect at the end, the actual sparkles that go over the letters look excellent. Anyways, thanks for sharing, awesome work.

  12. Signed up for a Premium account today to view this presentation and freaked when I realized that there weren’t any source files. 🙁 Psyched to see that you posted them online—thank you!

  13. can u tell me how to embed 2 files for flash particles .. coz every external file name is and cant understand how to change links ..

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