What I have to put up with in the office…

Dom’s ukulele band have an impromptu rehearsal while I’m trying to program…

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Yeah, I think you might have invented a new genre. Tighten it up a bit and add more eye-rolls. It might be the next big thing.

[…] This is funny. It comes from a flash designer/developer’s blog. Imagine having to write a single line of code like that! […]

I feel your pain brother… it is pretty funny though… i can see you gonna snap some time soon… good luck!


Man – you look stressed and seriously lacking in humour! What you need is…..

A UKE! The answer to bother humour deficiency and a great reliever for stress!

Give in to the uke side, it’s not like you even have to spend much money – they can be had for £13 off ebay – £13! That’s like $26, it’s nowt! You owe it to your owe sanity to become the proud owner of a uke, seriously, you’ll never look back. In years to come you will declare a mini-household holiday on the day you first picked up a uke. It shall be known as Ukemas and celebrated as wildly as you would a birthday, just with more ukes and less presents. But lets face it – who needs presents when you have a uke?


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