Upcoming creative coding conferences in Europe

Here are a couple of events that I’ll be speaking at over the next couple of months and definitely worth checking out.

FITC Amsterdam

27th-28th February 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I think this might be my fifth FITC Amsterdam in a row! I’ll be flying through this time (it always happens right around my birthday) and presenting some live JavaScript coding things in a 90 minute session right at the start of day 2.

In another session in the afternoon, I’ll be interviewing Ricardo Cabello (AKA Mr doob) live on stage. I’ll ask him about his recent projects with Google, the three.js 3D library, and how he managed to become such an amazing creative coder. The interview will be recorded for the next Creative Coding Podcast episode.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with old friends Mario Klingemann and Grant Skinner, but sadly, in a truly disastrous planning malfunction, Golan Levin is leaving right before I arrive!

FITC Amsterdam info and booking.

Beyond Tellerrand Play

24th-27th April 2012, Köln, Germany

Having grown from FFK, Play12 promises to be an inspirational event. Last time I was there I got stuck thanks to volcano Eyjafjallajökull, although I was stuck along with Joshua Davies, Jesse Freeman and the Influxis guys so it could have been a lot worse. 🙂

Josh will be there again, and so will the godfather of creative coding, Keith Peters. There’s also a presentation from Google doodle developer Marcin Wichary. I’ll be speaking and running 2 workshops there (including one for non-coders).

Beyond Tellerrand Play info and booking.