Flashageddon – the aftermath

If you’re wondering about my thoughts on the recent turbulence at Adobe, you could do worse than check out the Creative Coding Podcast, where myself, Iain Lobb and Stacey Mulcahy try to make sense of the current situation.

As always with these off-the-cuff discussions, there were several points that I forgot to make, but on the whole I think it’s pretty balanced. I’m planning another blog post to discuss the future of the Flash Pro app and how I’d like it to support other technologies (not just HTML5). It’s still brewing though. 🙂

Creative Coding Podcast Episode 16 – Flashageddon with Stacey Mulcahey

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Boy, I fell from one amazement into another. How can these people be so misinformed? If you keep saying

“I don’t really know anything about this, but…”,

perhaps you shouldn’t be talking about it.

Anybody listening to this should take it with a whole bucket of salt.

haha yeah well I hope that we know about most of the things that we talk about, but of course we openly admit to gaps in our knowledge. Better that than just to pretend we know everything. Sorry it didn’t work for you though.

Seb, I registered in August for the exact intent of starting a show on CodeBass Radio where I spew about stuff I have no clue about. What better way to incite conversation?? Rock on. 🙂

(The entire show title will be “Dunno Shit, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway..”)

Now if I could just find the time!


(it just goes to show, though, how badly Adobe botched that announcement, when even someone as well-connected and informed as Seb could still be clueless about what it all means.)

– Ryan

I thought the show was really good, I think the balance between Seb and Iain sums up a lot of how developers (both flash and non flash) are feeling about adobes recent move an the whole shift in the web industry recently. My take overall on the shows combined perspective was that flash will continue to be used for what it is good for, so I can’t see adobe killing it. But it never hurts to learn something new, does it?

I really enjoyed the show and thought most of what was discussed was dead on. It’s not easy to read between the PR and legal speak of the Adobe announcements, and it is yet to be determined how it will all fall out. My two big take aways from the show were:
1. These announcements were obvious to those paying attention. Browser plugins are not very desirable in a native app world
2. The ease of rendering and animating vector graphics is still where Flash really was great! Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a better lightweight solution to beat it, but we will have to make do.

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