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I’ve just converted the code from the Simple Chat Tutorial on the ElectroServer wiki into Flex and I thought it may be useful to someone.

Here’s what it looks like, and it’s connecting to an ES4 install with only 20 connections so forgive me if you can’t connect :

[content no longer available, sorry]

Here’s the source:



This example also requires a ServerSettings.xml file that contains the server details, which if you’re running ElectroServer locally, should be :


Download the MXML source code for the ElectroServer Flex Simple Chat [sorry no longer available]

I very rarely use Flex so please feel free to comment with improvements!

Particularly with how to load a file with a relative path in an HTTPService. It seems ridiculous that I have to specify a full path name, and the hack I’ve employed to extract the local path from the application URL is equally ridiculous. There must be a simpler method?

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Just want to say that I’m quite enjoying your ElectroServer posts. I tried putting together a multi-user game using Smart Fox Server a couple years ago, but ran into too many frustrating roadblocks to get it deployed over my holiday time. Being a Flash guy, the server-side is out of my comfort zone and I ran into many similar installations issues that you had.
I appreciate you posting your solutions to all the “gotchas”. You’ve inspired me to get my own project off the back burner.
Just out of curiosity, would you mind commenting on why you chose ElectroServer over some of the other multi-user offerings?

Hi Bill,

very glad you’re enjoying these, and yes, just like you, I’m finding it challenging but enjoyable being out of my comfort zone 🙂

I have done some work with FMS before and I will also be looking at SmartFox and Red5, but ElectroServer interests me greatly. The best Flash games book I’ve read (and there have been many) is FlashMX Game Design Demysified (years old now) by Jobe Makar. Since I read the book I’ve met Jobe many times and he is now a friend who I respect greatly. It’s his company that makes ElectroServer, so I thought it would be worth checking out. I’m very interested to see how it compares with the other alternatives, so i’ll continue to report my findings.

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