FlashPitt – a brilliant small conference

It’s so heartening to come to Pittsburgh and be a part of FlashPitt, especially after the craziness of MAX. And just because it’s small, that doesn’t limit its awesomeness.


Having put on FlashBrighton’s Big Day Out (which was less than half the size of FlashPitt) I know how much work goes on to produce conference like this. And if anything, Val makes it look so easy. Too easy in fact. It’s hard to comprehend all the hard work that went into this when she looks so damn cool all the time.

But don’t be fooled, a lot of love goes into this conference, and there’s an incredibly high caliber of speakers. My good friends Jer Thorp, Stacey Mulcahey, Julian Dolce, Phillip Kerman, Scott Janousek were there. And it was a pleasure to meet new speakers who were also incredibly inspiring, particularly Josh Sager, Dan Mall from Big Spaceship, Boris and Damon from Odopod, and Ian Coyle who has a letter press printer in his office – cool!

So keep up the good work, and people of Pittsburgh : Be thankful that you have something this cool in your city and make sure you make the most of it.

Still to come: Overdue reports on the rest of MAX, and visiting YouTube and Odopod in San Francisco.

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Seb, nice for you to make it to Pittsburgh and hang out a bit … also, I finally caught your work/play session … nice!

p.s. Did you pick up any Steelers gear? You’d be *quite* the popular English chap with a proper black & gold jacket. 😉

Seb, your presentation was awesome and inspirational. I’ve been showing all of my co-workers your site. Thanks for presenting!

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