So long and thanks for all the particles…

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After yesterday’s rather well received Papervision3D session, I’m now gearing up for what will probably be the last time I present my particles session, Kaboom!!! Blowing things up in Flash

I feel like I’m laying a close friend to rest, they’ve been with me through the years, the ups, the downs, the collisions off the floor. But now I have to move on. I’m sure it’s not the last I’ll see of them though, my work with particles continues, and who knows, perhaps I’ll get them together again for a reunion tour in a couple of years.

As ever, bring your laptop and join in with the fun… download the source files here.

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Seb, I’m so sorry that I switched sessions at the last minute and chose to go to the panel discussion. I heard that your presentation was awesome. I’ll know better next time!

Your Papervision3D presentation was very cool and I’m looking forward to playing around with that. Thanks.

Seb, I had the pleasure of seeing your presentation in Amsterdam. I really enjoyed it. Remember when Sean Connery said he would never play Bond again? 😉

Thank you for the source files ^_^ One of these days I’ll get to actually see your presentations live. Until then, yay YouTube!

Hi Hector,

Of course you can use my code as you wish, I’d be really keen to see what you do with it so let me know, and good luck!


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Is it possible to convert the Flexcode to common AS3 code?
Could use some hints to this!
Thanks for the lecture your are a great entertainer!
Had a lot of fun!

Sorry I mixed up the particles and the Papervision tutorials!

Now I got a question. How do I delete all the particles on a mouseout?
Is there a remove_all version in AS3?
I have made a remove EventListener and it works
but there remain frozenparticles on stage when I do this.


Hi Danne, I don’t have the exact code in front of me but I suspect you just need to iterate through each particle in the array and removeChild on each one. Or just find the bit of code that deletes one particle and do it on all of them!


Hi, I´ve tried several ways to iterate through the array but I can´t get it to work.
Here´s the code were it updates Particles:
function updateParticles():void {
var particle:Particle;

// if there are more than 500 particles delete the first one in the array…
while (particles.length>500) {


if (! spareParticles[particle.spriteClass]) {
spareParticles[particle.spriteClass] = new Array();


// go through the array of particles…
for (var i:int = 0; i<particles.length; i++) {
//… and update each one
if (particle.clip.width<2) {

How should I do?

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