Papervision3D Simplified at FlashBrighton

Catch my new Papervision3D Simplified session at FlashBrighton next week (Tuesday 27th May) in my home town Brighton, UK. In this presentation, I’ll show you how to create 3D objects in code, import them from other 3D apps and even make a simple game. My plan is to make Papervision3D so accessible, you’ll wonder why you’ve been putting off learning it for so long 🙂

This session is free and spaces are limited so sign up by registering yourself as attending on our upcoming page.

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Could I see this presentation online?
Is there any schedule of this presentation?

Hi Tom!

It’s starting at 7, and going on til 9, with plenty of time afterwards for questions and discussions.

This is the first outing for this presentation – and I’ll be doing it again at FlashBelt and Flash on the Beach. So I’m sure there’ll be a video at some point. Source files coming soon.



Just found out about this a day too late. I’d be very interested in coming to future events or seeing your presentation online. Is there a mailing list I can join for future updates?

Hi Ben!

If you’re in Brighton then you should probably sign up to the flashbrighton mailing list, //

Otherwise, your safest bet is to subscribe to this blog, or the blog. I’ll be repeating this session at FlashBelt and Flash on the Beach.



Hi Seb

Typical isn’t it, just missed the workshop but we’ve only just stumbled across your site and the Papervision3D app during our research which appears to be exactly what we’re looking for to complete a very high profile project. We have the 3D developers and limited flash programming skills, but we’re looking for someone to help us out with this particular project. If you are interested or know of someone who could help us out please drop me a mail.

Best regards
Jon Knight

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