Blowing things up in Toronto

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Having a fantastic time here in Toronto, although in a supreme display of poor planning my session is at 9am this morning! Never fear! We shall fight the hangovers from the awesome party last night (thanks Influxis) and produce more crazy particle effects!

As ever, bring your laptop and join in with the fun… download the source files here.

[UPDATE] Wow! What an amazing turnout, thanks so much for the support, especially at 9am!

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Hey Seb Lee, Thanks for the insight on the particle systems today at the FITC conference, I enjoy a presentation with satire and a good light show…;) I have downloaded the source files and hope to have some time to play around with some particle action. I especially enjoyed the PAPERVISION demo, awesome stuff, Thanks again for the lightshow,


Hey Geoff!

Thanks for the kind feedback, glad you enjoyed it! But I’m gonna have to correct you on a couple of things, which I hate to do when you’re being so nice 🙂 Firstly, my first name’s Seb (short for Sebastian) and my surname is Lee-Delisle. But everyone gets it wrong so that’s ok 🙂

The second is that the 3D particles I demoed weren’t actually papervision, but a very simple lightweight 3D system that’s all in the code. I always mean to talk it through in my session but I never have the time 🙁

But glad you like it! And send through whatever you do with it!



Hey Seb –

Also loved the presentation. Yours was probably my favorite of the conference and I’m hoping to get enough time to take your sample code and make some fire.

Thanks for the examples and the humorous presentation, it was what we all needed at 9 in the morning!


Hey Seb Lee,
i am a student in college,and i want to learn make game
with flash,so can you give some advices ? (i have learned AS3 and have some programming knowlege)

many thanks

@Steve thanks man, really glad you enjoyed it… i must admit I wasn’t exactly at my sharpest at that time of the morning!

@sam, that’s quite a broad question you’re asking there! I’m still looking for a good AS3 game book, but the best AS2 one is Jobe Makar’s. It’s a few years old but still really good.

And in terms of AS3 – you can’t beat Keith Peters’ Actionscript Animation.

Hope this helps!


I really enjoyed looking through the AS3 source code for this stuff. I liked how most of it was generic and similar throughout. My favorite one was the pseudo 3-D particle system. I really liked messing with that. It’s genius the way you constructed the z-axis. I was wondering if you have any good references for making pseudo 3-d in a 2d environment like flash?

I am a game-design student at Rochester IT and really like using flash for simple game stuff. I guess with the onset of AS3 and the future AS4, flash is no joke anymore.

Hi Roman!

In actual fact, I actually made a full presentation all about making a 3D engine from the ground up using this kind of simple technique.

It probably won’t make too much sense without the presentation, but you can at least see the code here :


I think this is only AS2 though – sure I’ve got an AS3 version somewhere… let me know if you need it and I’ll have a hunt.



I create a new *.fla and ocurred a error

1118: Implicit coercion of a value with static type Object to a possibly unrelated type Particle.

Hi MArcio,

sorry to hear you’re having trouble, I suspect that you’re exporting one of your Library Symbols with the class name “Particle” but feel free to send me your fla and I’ll check it out.



I set var and Pass, But error ocurred in the Next

// make a new particle
var particle = new Particle(pclass, target, xpos, ypos);

But the error ocurred

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at logo_fla::MainTimeline/addSparkParticle()
at logo_fla::MainTimeline/enterFrame()

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