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Gideon interviews Hauwert, Moock and the GMunk

I always dreamed of being on the muppet show, and thanks to FITC and the world famous designer Gideon, I may just have found the next best thing! And of course Papervision team-mate Ralph Hauwert was up for the same … There’s more

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Blowing things up in Toronto

Having a fantastic time here in Toronto, although in a supreme display of poor planning my session is at 9am this morning! Never fear! We shall fight the hangovers from the awesome party last night (thanks Influxis) and produce more … There’s more

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Next stop : Toronto FITC

Right at the last minute, Shawn’s invited me to speak at FITC Toronto! And not only that, but we’ve been nominated for a coveted FITC award! So it’d be great if you could vote for us. We’re in the self-promotional … There’s more

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