Silverlight particles

Ah, I nearly forgot about this one, and having seen Keith Peter’s recent Silverlight experiments, it reminded me I should upload!

John Allwright, the UK product manager for Expression (and a really nice guy), was at my particles session at Flash on the Beach, and a couple of weeks later, he’d converted some of my code to Silverlight!

It seems to run pretty slow on my MacBook Pro here, but I had noticed that John was running it at about 100 frames a second. I slowed the second one down to more like 25 (close to the flash version) and it seemed a lot happier.

So check it out and see what you think. (Unlike Keith’s experiments, I think these are Silverlight 1.0 with javascript).

Version 1 [no longer available – sorry]
Version 2 [no longer available – sorry]

[UPDATE] Download the source code : [no longer available – sorry]

Flash snow in 15 minutes!

At FlashBrighton’s Big Day Out a couple of weeks ago, I set myself the somewhat crazy challenge of programming a dynamically generated snowstorm in fifteen minutes from scratch. No pre-written classes, no graphics, nothing! Which was really good fun! If a little scary.

So when Kristin Henry, from GalaxyGoo recently asked if I’d be interested in posting a nice Flash experiment for their Flash-a-thon project, I was more than happy to help! So you can now find the source code for my 15 minute snow there. With added comments. 🙂

Read the full post and download source on the GalaxyGoo Flash-a-thon page.