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FlashBelt Particle presentation – source files

Here are the source files for today’s presentation. Download, play with them and then email them to me.

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super stuff Seb.

I need to do trig 101 again somewhere before I can fully understand it, but it works and is great fun to play with.

Hi Ed!

Glad you enjoyed the code, i’ll probably be doing a FlashBrighton particle session soon, and it’d be great to see you again!

Also I’m collecting examples of what people have done with it so I’d love to see your work!



Fantastic stuff, Seb. Thanks for sharing with the community.

Do you know if anybody has tackled moving particles along an arbitrary path (perhaps described by an array or a linear equation) with a random fluid-like motion?

I’m tearing my hair out attempting just such a feat.

Hey Daniel,

there are several different ways to approach this… you can use perlin noise to randomise movement, which can create a kind of flocking motion, in fact I remade some of Rob Hodgin’s awesome effects in flash, I must upload.

Or do they just have to end up in a particular place? In which case you could just use some kind of attractor? Like Keith Peter’s gravity particles in his book.

If you let me know more about what you’re trying to achieve I may be able to be a little more specific.




Thanks for the pointers. I didn’t know about the Keith Peter’s book.

Essentially, I want to visualize air moving through ductwork. The paths are mostly linear or perhaps straight and then curving around a bend. In one instance, particles come from off-screen on the left, move sort of horizontally through a heating coil and disappear to the right. Nothing to crazy.

Thanks for any more ideas/suggestions.


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