3D video projections in Flash

Last one for a while, I promise! Here’s a quick demo of video projected onto a cube with light shading and alpha. Looking a bit old now that PaperVision in AS3 is out… but more about that coming soon!

[Demo no longer available]

If the video doesn’t show straight away, wait a while. Excellent video by Lee Brimelow from FlashForward a while back.

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I like this cube. How did you make the faces transparent? In my Papervision tests only the whole cube went transparent and that does not look like your example where the faces ovelap and “multiply”.

Hi Stefan, this example is actually AS2 and using the old plug-in media 3D library (as seen on There are a couple of things you’d need to do to get this to work in PV3D, but the most important step you’re probably missing is the “doublesided” property of the materials which you need to set to true.

good luck!


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