Hacked On Classics

Seb’s new stage show gives 80s gadgets the ultimate firmware upgrade!

“Straight out of my pew-pew-pew dreams” – Vice

CDs, arcade games, VHS tapes, twin cassette recorders… the 80s brought microchips into our homes for the very first time, spawning a whole generation of tech nerds and bedroom coders.

Hacked on Classics unravels all the geeky details about how your favourite retro gadgets work, including Nintendo light guns, Casio keyboards and the cathode ray tube televisions that once dominated our living rooms.

“Brilliant Hacker” – Vice

Join BAFTA winning artist, coder, laserist and full-time geek Seb Lee-Delisle in this celebration of pioneering technolog. Watch him tear down 8-bit gadgets and drag them into the 21st century using super-bright LEDs and lasers. Expect interactive mind-blowing and dangerous* demos.

Upcoming dates

26th May 2018 – The Hawth Crawley BUY TICKETS

28th May 2018 – The Lowry, Media City, Salford BUY TICKETS

*not that dangerous.