PixelPyros – digital fireworks

The interactive digital fireworks display

The digital fireworks display that you control! Touch the bright orbs of light to fire an array of gorgeous multi-coloured rockets. The virtual pyrotechnics are projected onto a 60 foot wide screen using state-of-the-art projectors and lasers.

This is more than your typical fireworks show, you are fully in control of the experience, using your judgement and creativity to decide which fireworks are triggered and when. Each show is uniquely choreographed by the crowd. No two nights are exactly alike.

Designed and programmed by digital artist Seb Lee-Delisle and his team, projectors and lasers provided by LM Productions.


PixelPyros is built on the open source C++ code framework openFrameworks and the code-base for the project is available as a learning resource on github.

For booking enquiries, please contact seb@leedelisle.com

Funded by the Arts Council England








Photos by Jon Pratty from the Arts Council

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[…] I think from the entire day, Seb’s talk was actually my favourite. He was hilarious and with the ‘sleepy spot’ straight after lunch, he turned it all around, filling the room with smiles and laughter. He says to “Hybridify yourself” and discover new stuff by playing around with code. He drew on how learning new stuff sucks because it’s hard and for a while you’re really rubbish at it. However after you’ve learned new stuff you feel awesome because you overcame the challenge and can now do something new. If something is boring, it’s because it’s too easy – we should all play, create and share! Seb gave live coding demonstrations on the day, starting off by creating a repeating pattern on a Commadore 64 to show how simple it can be. He then moved on to show how by starting off with something simple you can add to it, learn and eventually build something interesting and engaging. He showed us some beautiful examples of interactive digital art that he had created using code, my favourite of which was a digital interactive fireworks display […]

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