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Battle of the Browsers

image by Andi Smith I had a great time at the State of the Browser conference in London on Saturday – it was nice to see representatives from FireFox, Chrome, Opera and MSIE all getting along so well. Getting along … There’s more

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Live coding examples from Beyond Tellerand

Sorry this one’s taken a little while to post! At Marc Thiele’s excellent conference Beyond Tellerand a couple of weeks ago, I live coded some snow and other things in JavaScript, and here’s the code. Keep an eye on the … There’s more

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HTML5 Canvas 3D particles uniform distribution

Yesterday Paul Rouget from Mozilla asked how to uniformly arrange points within a circle. There are a few existing algorithms to do this, but I was interested in seeing if I could use simple physics to create a stable system … There’s more

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JavaScript HTML5 Canvas Snow in 3D

Incredibly, the early bird tickets on my HTML5/JS training course sold out in just 20 minutes today! And to celebrate I thought you might like an early Christmas present – JavaScript HTML5 canvas snow in 3D! 🙂 If you want … There’s more

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3D engine in 10 lines*

UPDATE – HTML 5 Canvas version now online During my session at the Flash Gaming Summit, I showed a very simple 3D particle renderer to attempt to demystify the process of converting 3D into 2D. Click and drag. The actual … There’s more

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Papervision3D snow

I don’t know about you guys, but at the moment I’m getting several calls a day asking for Flash Christmas cards. And what do you need in a Flash Christmas card? Christmas snow! Remember last year I completed the 3D-Flash-snow-in-15-minutes … There’s more

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Happy Birthday Keith Peters!

John, Andy and I thought we’d chuck a little something together for Keith now that he’s 44, (or 14 x Pi if you’re talking his language). Happy Birthday!

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My stuff any use to you? Pay it forward for cancer research.

Have you ever found any use for any of my stuff? That nifty particle effect on your game? That 3D Papervision website? Or perhaps you’ve just found my wry sense of humour somewhat amusing? Now’s your chance to thank me! … There’s more

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Particle tutorial part 2 in Computer Arts magazine

Part two of my particle tutorial in Computer Arts is featured in issue 152, August 2008. Using the skeletons on the Plug-in Media website as an example, I take you through how to blow things up in Flash! Source files … There’s more

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So long and thanks for all the particles…

After yesterday’s rather well received Papervision3D session, I’m now gearing up for what will probably be the last time I present my particles session, Kaboom!!! Blowing things up in Flash I feel like I’m laying a close friend to rest, … There’s more

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