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Live iPhone coding video now online

I posted about this a while ago, but it’s taken Aral a little while to get the videos together. So here it is : me coding a kind of Angry Birds type thing in Corona live at the Update conference. … There’s more

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Angry Birds in 30 minutes at Update 2011

The angry exorcist and ghost graphics by Jonathan Clapham Yesterday was Aral Balkan‘s Update conference as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a conference where organiser sings a song to open the event! … There’s more

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Smooth JS animation on iOS – tutorial on

Two tutorials in two weeks!? I know, it’s crazy but I’m getting through a bit of a backlog here 🙂 I’ve now posted a guide to making super smooth running games within the browser on iOS. You can wrap it … There’s more

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HTML5/JavaScript platform game optimised for iPad

HTML5 canvas! Hailed as a competitor to Flash, so much so that Apple is using it as an excuse not to allow the plug-in on iOS. But what everyone overlooks is that canvas is horribly slow and pretty much unusable … There’s more

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Multi-touch game controller in JavaScript/HTML5 for iPad

Now that browser-based games running on touch devices are becoming a reality, it’s time to figure out how to implement easy to use and tactile game controls in these new keyboard-less environments.

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HTML and Flash – the aftermath’s aftermath

I’ve had a very exciting few days as a result of my recent HTML/Flash post. Clearly there is still much to discuss on this subject! I had over 140 comments in the end, although at least half were probably from … There’s more

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Kitten Conveyorbelt goes FREE!

There’s no excuse to put it off any longer: for a limited time, the must-have kitten-and-conveyorbelt-based app Kitten Conveyorbelt is absolutely free! Download it now from the AppStore Rated *****! “One of the BEST Kitten Conveyorbelt apps out there today! … There’s more

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What the Flux!? The future of Flash at FOTB

I’ve been working hard on my upcoming talk at Flash on the Beach over the last few weeks, it’s actually one of the most difficult talks I’ve ever given. Trying to unravel all the trials and tribulations in our industry … There’s more

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Kittens. On a conveyorbelt. On an iPhone.

As part of my ongoing research into many different technologies, I’ve finished my very first iPhone app, written in Objective C, The Kitten Conveyorbelt! Kitten Conveyorbelt As with any personal project I tried to keep the scope down to something … There’s more

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iPhone AppStore submission gotchas

I’ve just had a couple of issues submitting my new iPhone app to the AppStore. I have to say, it’s quite a convoluted process. In xCode’s organiser window you have a couple of very handy big buttons to validate and … There’s more

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