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No hardware accelerated FlashPlayer on Linux

[UPDATE] Seems that Adobe aren’t the only ones having trouble with OpenGL on Linux. I’ve asked Mozilla for an update and will elaborate in a separate post when I hear back. (Thanks to Steven Johnson for the link) First we … There’s more

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WebGL and Molehill : an overview of in-browser GPU 3D

The Edge magazine recently asked for my thoughts on hardware accelerated graphics within the browser, and I gave them a fairly comprehensive run down. They published excerpts but here is my response in full with some updates, hopefully you’ll find … There’s more

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Mystery Papervision3D book?

I’m frequently asked about when my “Experience Papervision3D” book is coming out. Well the truth is, there is no Papervision3D book and there never was! I was in talks with Apress on behalf of the entire team and we were … There’s more

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Apple buys 3D Flash app

I just found this article about Apple acquiring 3D mapping company Poly9, whose site has been taken down since the acquisition. As far as I can tell, the French-Candian Poly9 is most well known for their in-browser 3D globe, that … There’s more

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2 days of Papervision3D and Flash games training for £249!

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m running 2 days of training in Birmingham (UK) at the end of July, along with my friends at FlashMidlands. And if you book the Super Early Bird tickets (before June 15th), you’ll get … There’s more

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FlarToolkit made easy : SimplAR

As cool as bell-bottom pants according to Keith Peters! Which is pretty damn cool. And it can be really fiddly setting up the FLARToolkit, so I’ve finally released some of my AR code. Just in time for it to go … There’s more

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3D engine in 10 lines*

UPDATE – HTML 5 Canvas version now online During my session at the Flash Gaming Summit, I showed a very simple 3D particle renderer to attempt to demystify the process of converting 3D into 2D. Click and drag. The actual … There’s more

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More training courses in Cologne, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco

I’ve just finished my Brighton training courses which were seriously good fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, I’ve certainly got excellent feedback so far! My next training course is short notice; it’ll be a Papervision course in San Francisco … There’s more

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UK Papervision3D training February 2010

Back in my home town Brighton and my favourite venue the Lighthouse, I’m running another 2 day Papervision workshop on the 1st and 2nd February 2010. As ever, I’ll be covering everything you need to know to get started with … There’s more

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Simple Flash 3D drawing API

I’m most passionate about hiding complexity with simple APIs, which is one of the reasons I’m so excited about Hype. A few weeks ago Peter Elst told me that he was trying to find a simple way to draw 3D … There’s more

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