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Learn AIR for Android

If you’re thinking about getting started with AIR for Android, why not join us at our dotBrighton meeting on Wednesday? David Arno will be telling us all how to get started. Bad news! There aren’t any real-life tickets left! Good … There’s more

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What the Flux!? The future of Flash at FOTB

I’ve been working hard on my upcoming talk at Flash on the Beach over the last few weeks, it’s actually one of the most difficult talks I’ve ever given. Trying to unravel all the trials and tribulations in our industry … There’s more

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How to debug AIR for Android

At first, it seemed like no matter what I did I’d just get the Enter IP Address or Hostname requester in my AIR app. So, to get rid of this dreaded requester once and for all follow my handy debugging … There’s more

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AIR for Android first steps

Having finished my first iPhone app in Objective C I thought it was probably time to have a go at setting up my Nexus1 with AIR for Android. Yes. I’m a digital slut. And no. I’m not gonna pick a … There’s more

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