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Goodbye Plug-in, and good luck!

Around 10 years ago I set up a company. It didn’t seem like a big deal. In fact, it was merely a tax entity for my freelance career. I had this idea that I could sell a customisable web site … There’s more

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Flashageddon – the aftermath

If you’re wondering about my thoughts on the recent turbulence at Adobe, you could do worse than check out the Creative Coding Podcast, where myself, Iain Lobb and Stacey Mulcahy try to make sense of the current situation. As always … There’s more

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No hardware accelerated FlashPlayer on Linux

[UPDATE] Seems that Adobe aren’t the only ones having trouble with OpenGL on Linux. I’ve asked Mozilla for an update and will elaborate in a separate post when I hear back. (Thanks to Steven Johnson for the link) First we … There’s more

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WebGL and Molehill : an overview of in-browser GPU 3D

The Edge magazine recently asked for my thoughts on hardware accelerated graphics within the browser, and I gave them a fairly comprehensive run down. They published excerpts but here is my response in full with some updates, hopefully you’ll find … There’s more

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HTML and Flash – the aftermath’s aftermath

I’ve had a very exciting few days as a result of my recent HTML/Flash post. Clearly there is still much to discuss on this subject! I had over 140 comments in the end, although at least half were probably from … There’s more

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HTML5 vs Flash – the aftermath

I thought everyone was over the whole Flash vs HTML5 debate, but I was wrong. Instead of accepting new developments and making changes accordingly, a state of inactivity and comfortable denial has set in. Just one tweet is enough to release the torrent of emotions that have been bubbling under the surface for months. Who knew!? There’s more

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The Future of Flash streamed from dotBrighton

Once more, I’m updating and reprising “What the Flux!?” at dotBrighton next week on the 8th December. Tickets available from 2pm today but you’ll be able to join us live online. I’ll be extending the Flashy Fortunes gameshow and you … There’s more

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Flash uses more battery than HTML5?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Flash drains the battery on MacBooks as much as HTML5 does, so I thought I’d check this claim out. I’m concerned that any tests would be based upon Flash vs no Flash, … There’s more

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Learn AIR for Android

If you’re thinking about getting started with AIR for Android, why not join us at our dotBrighton meeting on Wednesday? David Arno will be telling us all how to get started. Bad news! There aren’t any real-life tickets left! Good … There’s more

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Mystery Papervision3D book?

I’m frequently asked about when my “Experience Papervision3D” book is coming out. Well the truth is, there is no Papervision3D book and there never was! I was in talks with Apress on behalf of the entire team and we were … There’s more

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