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Yes! I have a podcast!

I’m always astonished how many people I know don’t realise that I have a podcast. So to address this, and also to celebrate our new half-hour weekly format, I thought I’d post about it! In the last 4 weeks we’ve … There’s more

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Flashageddon – the aftermath

If you’re wondering about my thoughts on the recent turbulence at Adobe, you could do worse than check out the Creative Coding Podcast, where myself, Iain Lobb and Stacey Mulcahy try to make sense of the current situation. As always … There’s more

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FOTB recap and live podcast

Mark Burvill‘s final message to FOTB (made with his new found skills from my CreativeJS workshop) FOTB was awesome this year, and it looks like this will be the last, at least in this guise. I’m sure that John will … There’s more

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Podcast episode 6: openFrameworks and CS5.5

I haven’t mentioned this here for a while, but the podcast is going strong, with episodes approaching 8000 listens! I’m still enjoying the format, and we’re continuing to get some special guests in, but episode 6 goes back to our … There’s more

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Going hifi for CreativeCodingPodcast part 2

We’re back for episode two! This time hacking our way through the mobile jungle, figuring out exactly what the hell is going on. Along the way we talk about Windows Phone 7, the new Android Honeycomb flagship, the Xoom, and … There’s more

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