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The Future of Flash streamed from dotBrighton

Once more, I’m updating and reprising “What the Flux!?” at dotBrighton next week on the 8th December. Tickets available from 2pm today but you’ll be able to join us live online. I’ll be extending the Flashy Fortunes gameshow and you … There’s more

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Learn AIR for Android

If you’re thinking about getting started with AIR for Android, why not join us at our dotBrighton meeting on Wednesday? David Arno will be telling us all how to get started. Bad news! There aren’t any real-life tickets left! Good … There’s more

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dotBrighton openFrameworks night – video

… is now online, and has a special surprise guest appearance from Grant Skinner! (Which he further expanded upon in a blog post) openFrameworks night part 3 of 3 from dotBrighton on Vimeo. James has also very kindly made the … There’s more

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openFrameworks for Flashers

Continuing on my personal quest to encourage you to learn everything, we’re putting on a dotBrighton meeting all about openFrameworks. made with openFrameworks from openFrameworks on Vimeo. openFrameworks is an open source creative coding library, here’s the description from the … There’s more

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How we broadcast FlashBrighton meetings

I’ve just written a post for Influxis explaining how we used their TVStation app, to broadcast Branden Hall’s remote Hype presentation last week. Streaming a remote presentation with TVStation

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Branden Hall on Hype at FlashBrighton

I’m really pleased to say that we have Branden Hall speaking at FlashBrighton tomorrow night (March 23rd 2010) about Hype. Hype is Branden and Joshua Davis‘ love child (now there’s a scary thought!) and I’m really excited about it. Josh … There’s more

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FlashBrighton wins Strongest Community award

I’m delighted and surprised that my local user group, FlashBrighton, won the award for Strongest Digital Community at the DIMA:s on Thursday night! We’ve been going for roughly three years and I manage the group along with Jo Summers, Richard … There’s more

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Give an infinite amount of coders an infinite number of laptops…

… and you should get the Flash equivalent of Hamlet. Well that’s the theory at least. However we only had seven coders and seven laptops, so we ended up with seven different types of crap. 🙂 At tonight’s FlashBrighton session … There’s more

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What an amazing 2007!

Let’s face it, 2007 was pretty spectacular, in fact it was SO spectacular that it’s taken me most of January to write it all down… We flew straight into ’07 with a massive 9 level platform game, called Extreme Pamplona. … There’s more

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Flash bandits take over dSCAPE designers night

Last night was dSCAPE’s designers’ night, this year taken over entirely by Flash bandits! The event was sold out with around 200 attendees, and I was co-presenter along with Tara Solesbury from Wired Sussex. As self-appointed Flash ambassador of Brighton, … There’s more

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