Christmas round up!

It’s been a busy December so here’s a quick round-up of Christmas related things I’m involved with this year. 12 days of CreativeJS – for each of the 12 days of Christmas, we’ll be posting a bite-size CreativeJS tip. Festive Creative Coding Podcast with Dan Shiffman, author of “Learning Processing” and creator of the Processing […]


My review of the year in .net magazine

It’s been quite a year, so I was really pleased that .net magazine gave me the chance to talk about everything that’s happened in the world of Flash and CreativeJS, my other projects like PixelPhones, and my plan to teach more designers and artists to program. I hope to do a full review of my […]


Live coding examples from Beyond Tellerand

Sorry this one’s taken a little while to post! At Marc Thiele’s excellent conference Beyond Tellerand a couple of weeks ago, I live coded some snow and other things in JavaScript, and here’s the code. Keep an eye on the Beyond Tellerand Vimeo channel and you’ll be able to watch all the presentations as they’re […]