WebGL and Molehill : an overview of in-browser GPU 3D

The Edge magazine recently asked for my thoughts on hardware accelerated graphics within the browser, and I gave them a fairly comprehensive run down. They published excerpts but here is my response in full with some updates, hopefully you’ll find it useful. HelloRacer – a gorgeous WebGL demo from Carlos Ulloa who attended my CreativeJS […]

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I am a Mozilla Person of HTML5!

Mozilla evangelist and rock star Chris Heilmann asked me some extremely intelligent questions, to which I hopefully provided some reasonably intelligent sounding answers. 🙂 We talked about many aspects of the open stack; where is it going? What’s the future of GPU graphics on the internet? And a few graphics related performance tips too. See […]


Interview with digital artist Robert Hodgin

On the latest episode of the Creative Coding Podcast, I had a long chat with Robert Hodgin. Perhaps best known for gorgeous sound reactive particle systems that later became the default iTunes visualiser, he talked to me about his background, his process and what motivates him. You can listen to the entire interview here, but […]