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WebGL and Molehill : an overview of in-browser GPU 3D

The Edge magazine recently asked for my thoughts on hardware accelerated graphics within the browser, and I gave them a fairly comprehensive run down. They published excerpts but here is my response in full with some updates, hopefully you’ll find … There’s more

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I am a Mozilla Person of HTML5!

Mozilla evangelist and rock star Chris Heilmann asked me some extremely intelligent questions, to which I hopefully provided some reasonably intelligent sounding answers. 🙂 We talked about many aspects of the open stack; where is it going? What’s the future … There’s more

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Interview with digital artist Robert Hodgin

On the latest episode of the Creative Coding Podcast, I had a long chat with Robert Hodgin. Perhaps best known for gorgeous sound reactive particle systems that later became the default iTunes visualiser, he talked to me about his background, … There’s more

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