HTML5/JavaScript platform game optimised for iPad

HTML5 canvas! Hailed as a competitor to Flash, so much so that Apple is using it as an excuse not to allow the plug-in on iOS. But what everyone overlooks is that canvas is horribly slow and pretty much unusable on these devices. Is it even possible to create a Flash-like in-browser gaming experience on iPads and iPhones?

To answer that question I ran a JavaScript hack day for the finest programming minds at Plug-in Media where we had a single day to make a retro platform game : Infector!


Play it for yourself here.

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CreativeJS video from London Web Standards

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of presenting my CreativeJS work at the London Web Standards Event. And they filmed it. And it’s here! It was such a friendly crowd and I had great fun.

Rob Hawkes also spoke about his JavaScript multiplayer work – definitely worth checking out. As is his new HTML5 canvas book.

I’m getting my stuff ready for my 3 months in the US – 3 spaces left for my San Francisco course! Of course I’ll be blogging and tweeting as usual so I’ll see you on the flip side! As they say. 🙂

Creative JavaScript and HTML5 training in USA

I think I might be onto something with this CreativeJS training. I’ve been experimenting with the parameters; small class size, good mix of learning and playing, and some time to focus on things the attendees specifically need.

And now I’m coming to America! NYC, San Francisco and Kansas City, to be precise.

The momentum seems to be growing after workshops at SxSW, Amsterdam and Manchester. Check out the #creativejs hashtag on twitter – it’s really nice to see how people take what they learn and continue to play and experiment.

San Francisco tickets are on sale now, only 2 early bird tickets left :

And NYC tickets went on sale today at noon, and early birds were snapped up in 2 hours! 2 tickets left:

Kansas City should come online soon. Sign up to the mailing list if you want an email notification when tickets become available.