Introducing The Creative Coding Podcast

With Iain Lobb and myself!

Iain and I have been discussing the various machinations in the industry for ages, and we thought maybe it’d be good to share! Over the weekend, we had some time to spare so we set up our podcast.

The first episode is 45 minutes of HTML5, web gaming and Jangaroo, also covering iOS, CSS optimisation and why JavaScripters prefer cuddling.

Go get the first episode!
[UPDATE] seems we may have jumped the gun and the DNS servers are still propagating – please keep trying!

I hope we get the time to make this a regular occurrence. Let us know if you like it, then perhaps we’ll be extra-motivated to do some more 🙂

HTML and Flash – the aftermath’s aftermath

I’ve had a very exciting few days as a result of my recent HTML/Flash post. Clearly there is still much to discuss on this subject! I had over 140 comments in the end, although at least half were probably from me. 🙂 I was so delighted that there were many eloquently expressed viewpoints and a measured and reasonable discussion.

I’ve attempted to summarise the conversation as best I can, but it was huge – some comments were even longer than the original blog post! But let’s start with those of you who are way ahead of me…

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HTML5 vs Flash – the aftermath

Any Flash developers who still think that their work is in any way acceptable to the wider open web community are sadly mistaken. #naconf

This post triggered an incredible discussion – in fact it’s the first reasonable debate I’ve seen on this subject! You’ll find the comment thread summarised in the next blog post: Flash and HTML – the aftermath’s aftermath

I thought everyone was over the whole Flash vs HTML5 debate, but I was wrong. Instead of accepting new developments and making changes accordingly, a state of inactivity and comfortable denial has set in. Just one tweet is enough to release the torrent of emotions that have been bubbling under the surface for months. Who knew!?

Twitter riot incited : ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED

I was at the New Adventures in Web Design on Thursday, an excellent new conference featuring web stars like Elliot Jay Stocks and Dan Rubin. But I was distracted during one of the sessions by a twit-storm that I inadvertently kicked up by tweeting :

Any Flash developers who still think that their work is in any way acceptable to the wider open web community are sadly mistaken. #naconf

Looking back I can see why that caused trouble: the wording is incendiary and a little unclear. It suggests that I think Flash is unacceptable, but read it carefully: I’m merely reporting that the wider web world considers Flash to be unwelcome.
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More creative JS/HTML5 training

Seb's 3D asteroids in JavaScript HTML5

Seb's 3D asteroids in JavaScript HTML5

[UPDATE] Latest training information here

I’m delighted to say that my first HTML5 and JavaScript training workshop seemed to go incredibly well! Remy Sharp has this full report and lots of trade secrets from the course on his blog.

I was particularly happy to see the attendees excitedly tweeting about their new found creative abilities. Check the #creativejs hashtag on twitter for images.

Next course in February

As there seems to be lots of interest in this I’ve decided to run it again. It’ll be in Brighton again on 17/18th February and tickets go on sale on Tuesday at 2pm GMT. If you join the mailing list you’ll get an email reminder right before.

2010 : an incredible year


2010 has been a huge and brilliant year. That’s not to say it’s been plain sailing – I’ve faced difficult challenges, but thankfully they have led to some of my proudest achievements. And it’s been a year of change and flux: where we were initially confronted with uncertainty and fear, I now see that it was a huge opportunity for learning and discovery.

Before I get started I would like to thank you all for your continuing support for my somewhat random and rambling blog posts (over 65 this year!). I really should spend some time redesigning and rethinking exactly what I’m doing. But for now I hope you’ll continue to bear with me and hope it’s at least vaguely interesting. 🙂

So, right before the new year, I hope you’ll forgive my indulgence as I present what 2010 meant for me. 🙂
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