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A (belated) review of 2009

Yes, I know; I’m late with my review of last year. Everyone else did theirs in December, or at least January. But you know, I’ve done one every year and the OCD element in my personality just won’t let me … There’s more

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FlashPlayer 10.1 coolness

I just got back from a crazy fleeting visit to Amsterdam for FITC, and now the dust is settling, I wanted to talk about some cool new features in FlashPlayer 10.1, especially now that FlashPlayer 10.1 Beta 3 has just … There’s more

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Changing the default app to open a .swf on OSX

This has been a massive problem to me lately, particularly with distributing files on my training courses. For some reason, the swf files that I give my attendees don’t open with the stand alone FlashPlayer, instead they often default to … There’s more

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Deleting .svn files on OSX

Go to the terminal, navigate to the folder you want to delete files from and type : find . -name “*.svn” -exec rm -rf {} ; This should delete all .svn folders in the current directory and recurse down into … There’s more

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More training courses in Cologne, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco

I’ve just finished my Brighton training courses which were seriously good fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, I’ve certainly got excellent feedback so far! My next training course is short notice; it’ll be a Papervision course in San Francisco … There’s more

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Can’t spell my name? Use

I often get complaints about my domain name. Is it that hard to spell my surname? I guess it’s a bit of a strange one. People seem to think that my first name is Seb-Lee but it’s not; Seb is … There’s more

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