Just married! :-)

Seb and Jenny's wedding, 21st March 2009

And what a amazing day it was! We had Dom (from Plug-in) playing the ukulele for us during the ceremony, and were greeted by a 70 piece choir (thanks Hullaballoo!) as we left the town hall! And later, our guests were “treated” to a song from Jenny and I along with a tap dance routine (and yes I’m sure it’ll appear on youtube before too long…)

And what’s all this got to do with the world of Flash and Papervision3D? Well, nothing. Although I’m just flying out to Thailand for a couple of weeks so I expect I won’t be returning emails for a while. But I promise it’ll be business as usual when I get back, so I’ll catch up with you then!

How to change @author in your ASDocs

For OSX at least…

Step 1
Navigate to /Applications/Flex Builder 3/

Right click on the app, Flex Builder and select explore package contents. A new finder window should pop up with a folder called “Contents”

Step 3
Open the file Contents/MacOS/FlexBuilder.ini with a text editor of your choice.

Step 4
Add the following line :
-Duser.name=Seb Lee-Delisle

Except obviously you’ll probably want to use your own name 🙂

Step 5
Save the file and restart Flex Builder. Now your automatically generated comments will contain your full name after @author!

How to set up ASDoc in Flex Builder

I’ve basically spent about a day working out how to use ASDoc, and all I can say is, what a nightmare! If I wanted this kind of unintuitive, problem-ridden, poorly-documented ridiculousness I’d be a Linux user! (no offense meant, but you Linux guys seem to thrive on this sort of thing!)

Excluding external libraries

Our project has loads of external classes in libraries (one is papervision, others are various Plug-in Media libs), and I really would rather it didn’t try to document them all in the same documentation. And I couldn’t figure out how to stop ASDocs from trying to compile the classes in these libraries.

And if you don’t include the libraries, ASDoc fails badly! So I could either include them in to the docs (which seemed to break anyway) or just exclude them. But is there a way to exclude them?

It turns out that there is, and that is to list every class that you want to exclude! Er yeah that’s probably about 2,000 classes so not going to happen!

Although there is a handy way to generate this HUGE list of classes using the AIR app Dita. But I think I’ve kinda worked out how to use ASDocs now in a way that stops you needing to do that.

Adding external swcs

The big secret that no one seemed to be telling me! If you add a swc file it no longer fails to find the classes you’re referring to. But most importantly it doesn’t try to write docs for them!

So here’s how we set it up :
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