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Just married! :-)

And what a amazing day it was! We had Dom (from Plug-in) playing the ukulele for us during the ceremony, and were greeted by a 70 piece choir (thanks Hullaballoo!) as we left the town hall! And later, our guests … There’s more

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How to change @author in your ASDocs

For OSX at least… Step 1 Navigate to /Applications/Flex Builder 3/ Step2 Right click on the app, Flex Builder and select explore package contents. A new finder window should pop up with a folder called “Contents” Step 3 Open the … There’s more

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How to set up ASDoc in Flex Builder

I’ve basically spent about a day working out how to use ASDoc, and all I can say is, what a nightmare! If I wanted this kind of unintuitive, problem-ridden, poorly-documented ridiculousness I’d be a Linux user! (no offense meant, but … There’s more

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