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FlashBrighton wins Strongest Community award

I’m delighted and surprised that my local user group, FlashBrighton, won the award for Strongest Digital Community at the DIMA:s on Thursday night! We’ve been going for roughly three years and I manage the group along with Jo Summers, Richard … There’s more

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Memory leaks in Papervision3D patched up!

We all know how stable and optimised Papervision3D is. But a small number of developers who need to constantly create and discard 3D objects will have encountered a particularly tricky little memory leak. There have been several workarounds and custom … There’s more

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Papervision’s dirty little secret (rectangle) now cleaned up!

Any of you using Andy’s ViewportLayers (see his post here) to selectively render separate layers will now find a fairly significant improvement in performance. And it’s because we’ve managed to shrink Flash’s dirty rectangle! The dirty rectangle is the area … There’s more

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