Big in Japan

I’m noticing a lot of links coming from Japan lately, they seem to be particularly taken with my Papervision reflections…


But this one particularly caught my eye – this nice chap (or chapess) has made a pretty 3D butterfly, along with its reflection… nice!

And even nicer, they’ve included source.

Have you made something nice with a reflection? Why not send it through? sebleedelisle at gmail dot com.

Changing a cube’s material dynamically in Papervision3D

It’s long been a bug bear that you can’t dynamically change a cube’s materials, so I’ve just committed a simple update that has simply moved Tim Knip’s clever material swapping methods from the DAE object into the DisplayObject3D. So now we can call replaceMaterialsByName on any DisplayObject3D!

So you can use it by calling :

cube.replaceMaterialByName(new ColorMaterial(0xff0000,1), "front");

Note that this will only work if each material in the MaterialsList is unique. In other words when you set up the cube’s material list, you need to assign a different material to each of the sides of the cube.

Here’s a quick demo :

And here's the source : Continue reading "Changing a cube’s material dynamically in Papervision3D"

Want to work with me at Plug-in?

We’re looking for an AS3 coder to come and work with us on a short term project here in sunny Brighton. It’s a great chance to get to know us all at Plug-in Media, and it could turn into a permanent job, if it all works out well.

We’re building a flashy micro-site for a high profile client, with some particle effects and pre-rendered 3D, but obviously I’ll be around to help with those bits. Mostly we just need a solid scripter with a good understanding of OOP and Flash optimisation.

Please send your CV through to info at pluginmedia dot net, and I look forward to meeting you 🙂

(oh and NO AGENCIES please. I mean it. And I can be very rude to agencies 🙂 )