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Big in Japan

I’m noticing a lot of links coming from Japan lately, they seem to be particularly taken with my Papervision reflections… But this one particularly caught my eye – this nice chap (or chapess) has made a pretty 3D butterfly, along … There’s more

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Particle tutorial part 2 in Computer Arts magazine

Part two of my particle tutorial in Computer Arts is featured in issue 152, August 2008. Using the skeletons on the Plug-in Media website as an example, I take you through how to blow things up in Flash! Source files … There’s more

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Changing a cube’s material dynamically in Papervision3D

It’s long been a bug bear that you can’t dynamically change a cube’s materials, so I’ve just committed a simple update that has simply moved Tim Knip’s clever material swapping methods from the DAE object into the DisplayObject3D. So now … There’s more

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Want to work with me at Plug-in?

We’re looking for an AS3 coder to come and work with us on a short term project here in sunny Brighton. It’s a great chance to get to know us all at Plug-in Media, and it could turn into a … There’s more

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